Transformation One Step At A Time

The First Step

Lizabeth-1“What will happen to her if I leave?”  A question I have asked myself many times throughout this lifetime.  The first time I asked I was 12 and taking the first step towards freeing myself from an abusive situation.  The second time was on January 29th of this year when I left a marriage that no longer took me into consideration.  I asked the question again on November 4, 2012 as I took the newest step on this journey.  I walked away from the “job”.  Each and every time brought an intense moment of joy and terror.  Each and every one a step closer to living a ‘want to’ life instead of a ‘have to’ life.

So many people have congratulated me on ‘being brave enough to take that step’.  What I have learned over the past years is that we all have the bravery to take the next step.  It is within each of us.  The same potential.  The same courage.  The same determination.  The same dream.  Lying dormant, just waiting to be awakened.  Taking that first step has been the pinnacle of the successes of this journey.  Being fully present to the emotion and lesson of the moment but not allowing fear to keep me cemented.

The biggest lesson has been that I have never been alone.  I held the hand of someone who has carried me through each and every one of the major steps of this life.  Whether I realize it or not, I am never alone.  Only when I closed my eyes, ears and heart to the support that surrounds me, do I feel alone.  Each time, a “team” of supporters was there; cheering, motivating, celebrating and praying.  Each time, I knew I walked with God.  The Christ within me leading the way and the Christ within each of them, cheering and celebrating.

This life, this journey is a sacred one.  One of learning and experiencing but most importantly, one of joy.  I think that is the important step that I have found.  By leaving the “job”, I now begin with the first step on my path to joy.  I am no longer living the ‘have to’ life.  Now each decision I make, every step I take is because I ‘want to’.

How did I do it, you may ask?  One of my Spiritual teachers, Edwene Gaines, teaches it best.  There are only a few things required.  I’ll share the big secret with you.  Are you ready?  You and I can do it together.  Take my hand.  We’ll go slowly if you want.  Take a deep breath.  Here we go…

The First Step1) Pay Attention

2) Expect the Best

3) Go For It

4)Take the First Step

**I must add one is important so listen up ….ALWAYS PEE FIRST!


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