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It’s the End of the World As We Know It…Again

Lizabeth-1Here it is.  The end of the world as we know it.  Again.  I seem to recall the same hype around Dec. 31, 1999.  All of the computers in the world were going to fail and BOOM!  End of the world.  The entire civilized world ran at a full panic and sat on the edge of their seats just waiting for 12:01am on January 1, 2000.  We woke up, dressed and returned to our day.  What changed?

Why should I  fall prey to the suggestions that there is a time limit on my experience?  I prefer to look at how my world has changed as I knew it.  Since I was small, I have seen massive change.  Change everywhere I look.  I can drive down familiar roads and none of it is the same.  The cars I now drive are vastly different.  The clothes I wear a little bigger in some places (like the waist) but smaller in others (around my ankles–thank goodness).

My country is different.  A trip to the movie theater is now reserved for VERY special occasions.  It is now more expensive to eat there than watch the show.  No problem.  We can stay home and watch almost anything at anytime.  I also have a wider variety of food and the pause button is a MIRACLE.   🙂    I can enjoy travel to any state I choose but I will pay a much higher price to see the sights.  No problem.  The internet has brought the whole world to my lap.  I can  order all of my Christmas presents from the comfort of my own home.  Now, the local Mall has become the place for us to get our exercise when the weather is bad.

NEWSFLASH:  It IS the end of the world as we know it but that happens ALL THE TIME.   Life is constant change.  So many wait for a world-wide phenomenon to change their circumstances, when they have it within them to change it now.  I do see this as a dawning of a new age.  I see it as the re-birth of our individual consciousness.  I don’t see the Earth being destroyed sometime Friday night but perhaps, the old, worn-out thoughts that we must wait for the whole world to change before we do as individuals, will.

The last year for me WAS the end of the world as I knew it.  It happened internally.  No great earthquake; no tornado; no computer crash; no world-wide virus.  I changed me and my whole world changed.  I started out the New Year in the same home, same job, same marriage and the same miserable.  I realized that if I wanted something different, I would have to DO something different.

I began.  I started the New Year with one word in mind…JOY.  I then looked at what would bring that into my life.  Then I took the first step.  I changed something and THEN the world as I knew it changed.  I had to make the change first.

When we as individuals recognize that the greatest lasting change begins within our own breast, we will see the world-wide phenomenon.  Until then, some of us wait; some watch; some cry; some laugh; some change.

Most will notice that the world is different.  But different how?  Will the world as we know it end?  Yes.  It ended yesterday and the day before.  Did we miss it?  No.  None of us escapes change.

The question should be then, “Who is the author of MY change?”  A computer crash?  A virus?  Gas prices?  The Mayans?  I am the author of my experience.  I choose how my world looks by the thoughts I hold and act on.  I choose whether or not I sit on the edge on my seat and wait or I get up and change something.

I will celebrate the end of the world as we know it.  Not because I am cold hearted or blind to what is going on in the world as a whole.  I will celebrate the change.  Without the change, we remain in the same old place.  It is time.  As the group R.E.M. says it best, “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.”



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